Is Lithuanian linen high-quality? |

Is Lithuanian linen high-quality?

Flax growing has always been an essential part of Lithuanian heritage and culture. Lithuanian linen products are known worldwide for their absorbency and coolness in hot weather. Thus, the Lithuanian climate is ideally suited for growing flax. Linen from Lithuania is valued for its quality and exceptional dark shade.

Lithuanian linen products differ in their elegance, uniqueness and sense of minimalism. As a result, the biggest manufactures of linen in Lithuania export their products worldwide. Lithuanian linen goes mainly to the United States, Japan, Belgium, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Scandinavian countries and Australia. Lithuania is the fifth largest exporter of flax fibres globally.

Lithuanian companies offer a wide range of linen products –  different types of linen clothing, linen items for the kitchen (linen aprons, linen table runners, towels, etc.), bedroom (linen bedsheets, pillowcases), interior (curtains, various accessories, cushions) and many more. The flexibility of the Lithuanian linen enterprises and their quality ensured the success of flax fibres in the linen production industry.

If you want to enjoy the authentic quality and luxury of Lithuanian linen, seek soft, pre-washed and breathable linen fabric.We advise paying close attention to Lithuanian linen scarfs, pyjamas, bathrobes, clothing, tableware (napkins, tablecloths, runners) and linen sheets (bed sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases).

Lithuanian linen products are created with love and devotion for this material. Although the quality of Lithuanian linen is high, the prices are affordable and competitive. Also, the linen items from Lithuania are offered in various colours, patterns, styles, product designs, textures and decorations to meet customer needs. Even the most demanding client will find the perfect match!

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