Lithuanian linen products traditions |

Lithuanian linen products traditions

Linen is one of the oldest cultivated cultures in Lithuania. Our ancestors knew about the miraculous healing properties of linen. Linen was an important part of shaping the worldview of the Lithuanian nation.

The traditions of linen growing and processing in Lithuania have been going on for several thousand years. Lithuanians have given the linen that has accompanied them since ancient times a special place in their folklore and perception of the world. Even several ancient Lithuanian gods are associated with this plant: Vaižgantas, who patronized linen growing, and Gabjaujis (Gavėnas), the patron of works with linen fiber in it. Our ancestors considered linen a sacred plant and believed that it is protected against adversity and evil.

Lithuanians appreciated the special material and healing properties of this plant, and woven its growing and processing cycles with various myths, games, fairy tales and songs that have survived to this day.

Our ancestors grew linen for lots of years and had accumulated a vast treasure trove of knowledge on how best to grow, process and use linen in their household. Linen’s journey from the soil to the house and back was incredibly long, requiring a lot of handwork and a variety of tools. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why linen was so valued.

Linen products are still valued in Lithuania after all those years. It is like a symbol of Lithuania which we will pass on to future generations.


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