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Linen bedding vs Cotton bedding

There are never-ending debates about linen bedsheets and cotton bedding: Which is better, and why are linen products considered luxurious? Both linen and cotton beddings are premium and have benefits, but they also have some differences. Comparing the differences between these two materials will help you to decide which one to choose.  The strength of

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How to soften bath towels?

Would you like to enjoy soft bath towels that bring comfort and a sense of relaxation? How to wash bath towels properly to soften them? Follow these few tips that would make your towels warm and snugly. Wash your bath towels often To make your towels soft, wash them every three to four days in

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How to starch linen napkins?

No matter how good your linen tablecloths or napkins are, they will not look festive or tidy if they are not appropriately washed, ironed and starched. Linen fabric tends to get wrinkled and creased, so it needs to get starched to get the desired look. This blog post will reveal how to starch linen napkins

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Why choose linen bedding

Linen bedding guarantees a good night’s sleep because it is breathable, absorbs moisture and sweat. Also, it dries quickly and helps to maintain a constant body temperature. It is perfect for hot summer nights because linen bedding prevents the body from overheating. Linen bedding will be appreciated by those who like to sleep warm because,

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How to remove stains from linen?

Compared with other fabrics, the maintenance of linen is easier than many other materials. It is not difficult to wash linen products because they dry quickly and are durable. Importantly, linen protects you from UV rays. Depending on the composition of the material, structure of the yarn, linen products can shrink from 4% to 7%

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