How to look after your linen tablecloth?

How to look after your linen tablecloth?

Linen tablecloths are home décor accessories that your guests will always notice. Linen fabric provides cosiness, the serenity of nature and luxury to your home. It is a timeless, stylish and practical choice. Linen products can be easily combined with any interior and will perfectly decorate any room. But how to look after your linen tablecloths to keep them longer in good condition?

Linen fabrics tend to get wrinkled and are generally harder to iron. They may lose their shape after improper washing. But if you follow a few simple steps, you won‘t have to worry about it. Do not use bleaches or fabric softeners during washing, as they may damage the linen fabric.

Linen tablecloths can be washed by hands or in the washing machine. When washing your linen products in the washing machine, always use a gentle cycle and mild washing powder or soap. You can starch your linen tablecloth to make it look fancy.

When it comes to stain removal from the linen, it has to be removed as quickly as possible as fresh stains are easier to clean. If you have liquid stains, you should remove them with a cloth or paper towel to block the stain deeper in the material.

We suggest ironing the linen tablecloths and napkins on the wrong side to protect the fabric and avoid damaging it. For light–coloured linen products, you can start ironing from the wrong side and then change it to the good side, and for dark–coloured linen tablecloths, we recommend sticking to the wrong side only.

It is a good idea to hang your linen tablecloth in a closet and make sure that you leave enough space for it to get ventilated.

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