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About us

Our story begins with a desire to introduce everyone to linen, which we have been appreciating in Lithuania for a very long time.


We are a small family business. From our very first steps, we’ve poured our souls into every single item we create. All the designs are crafted using a combination of traditional technologies to produce top quality, long-lasting linen goods that are loved worldwide. We put so much work, love and warmth to our products and we want to share that with people who appreciate linen as much as we do. All products are handmade from Lithuania and are available in many types of colors and sizes.


We have accumulated extensive experience in linen fabrics and products, so we are ready to help you choose your dream product from linen. We sew quality linen products for everyone who values quality and naturalness. The range of our e-shop includes: table runners, napkins, bedding sets, pillowcases, kitchen towels, duvet covers, sheets, placemats, aprons, coaster sets, tablecloths – and everything is made of linen.


Linen is a material highly valued by Lithuanians. It is characterized by a wealth of good qualities: elegant, beautiful, durable and route material. Linen is good for the skin, allows it to breathe, cools it in summer and warms it in winter. Also, linen does not cause any allergic reactions and is a natural antiseptic, so linen products are suitable for everyone.

Linen can absorb 20% of its weight and not be wet. This is an important feature for kitchen and bathroom products.This is very relevant for people who have sensitive skin or are prone to eczema. Natural, healthy, durable – those words spin in our minds when we think about linen.

We are very happy that in other countries linen is becoming more and more popular and valued.


Linen products perfectly complement the interior of the home. Among other useful properties of linen, such products are easy to maintain and also look extremely aesthetically pleasing. With the popularity of ecological fashion, aesthetics, responsible consumption, linen products are becoming increasingly popular. In our shop we have linen products for those who care about a sustainable environment, who want to create a cozy home and are looking for exclusive gifts for relatives and friends.

So if You want to bring more light, coziness and a little baltic traditions to Your home – we are more than ready to help You. Discover all the good properties of linen in Linen Spells.

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