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Quality is our top priority. All the designs are crafted using a combination of traditional technologies to produce top quality, long-lasting linen goods that are loved worldwide.


All Linen Spells products are handmade. We are a small family business from Lithuania and we’ve poured our souls into every single item we create. We have been working with linen for many years and have accumulated a lot of experience.


Every single product in our shop is unique and special. Linen products perfectly complement the interior of the home. Among other useful properties of linen, such products are easy to maintain and also look extremely aesthetically pleasing.

100% Linen

All our products are made of 100% Lithuanian linen. Linen is known as the strongest natural fiber so it’s very long lasting. Also, linen does not cause any allergic reactions and is a natural antiseptic, so linen products are suitable for everyone.

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Why choose linen bedding

Linen bedding guarantees a good night’s sleep because it is breathable, absorbs moisture and sweat. Also, it dries quickly and helps to maintain a constant body temperature. It is perfect for hot summer nights because

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