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Why Linen Spells?


Quality is our top priority. All the designs are crafted using a combination of traditional technologies to produce top quality, long-lasting linen goods that are loved worldwide.


All Linen Spells products are handmade. We are a small family business from Lithuania and we’ve poured our souls into every single item we create. We have been working with linen for many years and have accumulated a lot of experience.


Every single product in our shop is unique and special. Linen products perfectly complement the interior of the home. Among other useful properties of linen, such products are easy to maintain and also look extremely aesthetically pleasing.

100% Linen

All our products are made of 100% Lithuanian linen. Linen is known as the strongest natural fiber so it’s very long lasting. Also, linen does not cause any allergic reactions and is a natural antiseptic, so linen products are suitable for everyone.


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Linen bedding vs Cotton bedding

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TOP 5 trending linen bedding colours in 2022

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How to wash your linen sheets?

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Our Story

Linen goods are the pride of the Lithuanian nation, with deep-rooted traditions. Since ancient times, linen crafts have been appreciated not only by Lithuanians but also by foreign guests. Lithuania is a country with sustainable, high – quality and fashionable linen products.

We believe in the magic and miraculous power of linen. That is why our small family business is called Linen Spells. Linen Spells offers the top–quality linen products made using traditional technologies passed from generation to generation.
Our linen goods are durable, modern and loved around the world. All linen products are handmade from carefully selected materials, combining the love and respect for this material.

Goods from linen are valued all over the world for their unique properties. Linen goods will never cause allergies because they are natural antiseptics. Linen Spells products also absorb moisture well and do not get wet on their own.
Linen is a unique material because it is perfect for people with sensitive skin or prone to eczema. It is not difficult to take care of your linen goods. Products from linen are easy to wash, and they dry quickly.

We seek to inspire you and encourage creativity in everyday life with our linen goods. Linen Spells products come in various colours and sizes. Please do not limit yourself and create a cosy interior with our best linen sheets, bed linen, linen table runners, linen napkins, linen bedding sets, linen sheets, linen pillowcases, linen duvet covers, linen kitchen towels, linen placemats, linen aprons, linen coaster sets and linen tablecloths.

At Linen Spells, you will find everything you need to make your home cosy! For your convenience, we deliver goods throughout all of Europe.

Linen Spells is a combination of long-standing traditions and modern style!

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